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How to Grow Your Brand with Video

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At this point, you probably know your business should be using video to engage existing, new, and potential customers through your digital and social channels. However, knowing and doing are two very different things, so we put together a few quick pointers to help you get the ball rolling.

1). What’s the goal of your video? Do you want to introduce your startup, share a new product launch, or tell your brand’s origin story? Would a series of videos be most useful in helping you achieve the desired outcomes?

2). What resources do you have? Now that you have a general idea of what you want, how are you going to make it happen? Do you have an in-house production team or a marketing budget that allows you to bring in experts?

3). How will people consume the video? Where will you distribute the video? If you plan to share to Facebook, for example, it’s great to use captions since up to 40% of consumers are more likely to finish videos with subtitles. You can also keep in mind video length when you know how you will share.

Hubspot recently released a handy guide on “How to Get Started with Marketing Videos” that breaks down the steps a bit further. This is a great starting point if your team is new to video marketing! Click here for the full article and let us know your thoughts!